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Welcome to the website of author, speaker and holistic healer Dr. Theodoros Kousouli, a board certified chiropractor and hypnotherapist serving the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles California area. We hope the time you spend here is supportive, informative and leads to your own healing. Whether you are looking to maintain your good health or looking to utilize Dr. Kousouli's unique skills and knowledge to gain better health - simply schedule a confidential consultation at 310-777-3463 to discuss your personal health goals.

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  • MINIFACE_0i_VictoriaMinetta

    "I loved working with Dr. Kousouli because he has not only taught me where my real power and health come from; my neurology - he has shown me! His book 'Dirty little secrets of the Healthcare Industry' will open your eyes to the lies we were all told to believe in as children about our health. The cancerous medi-pharma model is out of control; it poisons our body and brain. America would do a great deal of good by listening to Dr.Kousouli. Thank you Dr. Kousouli!"

  • MINIFACE_0h_JillAbrams

    " Kousouli® Method is a step-by-step non-drug intervention system that restores health! While the detached MD's addressed my ailing mother as just another Medicare leper, Dr. Kousouli helped her recover quickly from her illness post surgery. I watched him halt and slowly reverse Mom's osteoporosis. Dr. Kousouli's own transformation into healing from semi-paralysis and open heart surgery tells you that he's been there and genuinely cares about helping you get back your health."

  • MINIFACE_0g_DrElenaGabor

    "I highly recommand the services provided by Dr. Theo Kousouli. He is very dedicated to his profession and to bringing his patients into a better state of physical and emotional health."

  • MINIFACE_0f_MarylCeliz

    "Dr. Theo Kousouli is not just a dedicated professional in his field but an insightful and wonderful human being and I recommend him without hesitation."

  • MINIFACE_0c_ElinaLoukas

    "I never knew that a chiropractor could change my life. The Kousouli® Method, its not just a technique, its an Energy miracle; a LIFE adjustment! I guess this is what to be reborn feels like! A new person in a new body! Life is pretty good... because of Dr Theo Kousouli!"

  • MINIFACE_0e_SevaSimranSinghKhalsa

    "I had severe left leg numbness, paralysis and pain (sciatica). Dr. Kousouli removed the pain and brought back the function and feeling in my leg! He also helped clear out old emotions that were blocking my healing. As a body-worker and serious yoga/meditation practitioner my body needs tuning up to keep at my best. Dr Theo definitely has the healing power flowing. I am grateful. Thank you Dr.Theo!!"

  • MINIFACE_0d_ElinaLoukas

    "As a fellow healer myself, Dr. Theo is my very favorite chiropractor of all time! What ever magic he does, makes me feel invincible after he's worked on me!"

  • MINIFACE_0b_CatStock

    "Dr. Kousouli's intuitiveness and compassion created a new perspective for me in mind, body and spirit. His technique helped relieve my allergies, neck pain and stress. I recommend the Kousouli® Method for a new beginning to the rest of your life!"

  • MINIFACE_0a_PaulDupuy

    "A friend referred me to Dr. Theo Kousouli. After going through the Kousouli® Method protocol, my painful neck was fixed and I was able to go back to doing everything I did before without pain! Dr. Kousouli was also able to help me correct some other ailments that I had due to diet and emotional problems; I recommend looking into this program wholeheartedly."

  • MINIFACE_9_ChryssanthieRapsomaniki

    "I've noticed many changes in my body and senses as early as my third visit! I feel lighter, can see and hear better and my mood has improved. I am very very grateful and glad that I came in to see Dr. Kousouli. I definitely recommend coming in for an exam and doing the Kousouli® Method program."

  • MINIFACE_8_ChrissaLoukas

    "Amazing chiropractor! If you're looking for great results and life changes, I recommend Dr. Kousouli! He helped me with my everlasting neck problems, and most importantly with my emotional health, since via spinal nerve connections overall health is re-balanced in depth. The biggest bonus is his knowledge about energy healing!"

  • MINIFACE_7TraceyeHines

    "Thank You from the entire Radiation Oncology department at the West Los Angeles VA Hospital. Thank You for the love and compassion you have shown for our veterans. Dr.Kousouli truly inspired our physicians to look at additional alternative treatments that will assist in the therapy of our veterans here."

  • MINIFACE_6AlkiDavid

    "I connected with Dr. Kousouli immediately. He has served my family and friends with his great talents in so many healing ways. He has healed physical pain and genuinely cleared all sort of stress pains we didn't realize were affecting us until Dr. Kousouli cleared them!"

  • MINIFACE_5Essence_Chandler

    "Once you've worked with Dr. Kousouli, you'll know you've been touched by something very special. After nearly 2 decades of being divinely connected to him, I truly know the depths of his soul, the light of his spirit, and his sincere goal(s) to help you develop a healthier YOU! Discover for yourself the stream of unlimited wellness that he not only preaches, but lives by too! Let the Kousouli® Method bring you to your best possible life!"

  • MINIFACE_0SetoriiPond

    "Just unbelievable! Dr. Kousouli helped me eliminate my migraine headaches, regulated my sleep patterns and helped me renew my core strength. The Kousouli® Method is the way to live a productive life again!"

  • MINIFACE_2Jessica Aubuchon

    "Over two years pain free and feeling better every day! I cannot express enough how fortunate I feel to have the opportunity to learn so many powerful tools from Dr. Kousouli by applying the Kousouli® Method to my life."

  • MINIFACE_3PeterLamas

    "After an occupational hazard impaired my right shoulder, I was introduced to the Kousouli® Method in 2010, recovered 100% and continue to feel fantastic!"

  • MINIFACE_4Bridgetta Tomarchio

    "Every time I come in here I leave feeling healed and ready to take on the world! Dr. Kousouli is amazing!"

  • MINIFACE_1AlekRomanoff

    "The Kousouli® Method gave me the confidence to be who I was meant to be. My posture better reflects my inner strength and when I now walk into a room, the vibration commands attention!"