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Imagine being a better YOU, right NOW.

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The Kousouli® Method marks a new paradigm shift in personal thinking, feeling and healing. Developed by Dr. Theodoros Kousouli, it is a powerful, unique and effective methodology in rapid personal transformation – unlike any other.

The Kousouli®Method was developed from early events in Dr. Theo Kousouli’s life, starting when he was semi paralyzed in a pool accident; further developed after open heart surgery for a failing aortic valve. In both cases he used this healing knowledge to recuperate in record time!

The Kousouli® Method is the culmination of Dr. Kousouli’s clinical practice experience, research and studies in numerous disciplines utilizing aspects of ancient wisdom, philosophy, nutrition, theology, neurology, physiology, quantum physics, energy healing, clairvoyant meditative practices, and hypnotherapy to deliver new levels of personal achievement and self-realization for humanity. The main goal of the Kousouli® Method (4R) Intervention System (4R’s – Remove, Revive, Rebuild and Restart), is to identify and heal vital ‘pneuma/chi’ energy loss in 4 main arenas (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical) utilizing the chakra zones and the ‘antenna’ called the nervous system.

Through private and public seminars, this revolutionary and cutting edge method is currently being introduced to health professionals, corporate execs, producers, entertainers, social and health care workers, police and law enforcement, and individuals like you. Each person who learns to utilize the Kousouli®Method in their life brings a new understanding upon themselves and how one’s own awakening raises the world’s consciousness.
The Kousouli® (4R) Intervention System:

  • IS a healing system derived from ancient wisdom; developed for modern day application.
  • IS a systematic ‘whole’-istic process for understanding health and how to maximize health potential.
  • Focuses on (4R’s – Remove, Revive, Rebuild and Restart) Removing the toxins, Reviving the nervous system, Rebuilding the body and Resetting thought programming in your life.
  • Incorporates the technique of subliminal healing; HypnoChiro® founded by Dr. Kousouli . HypnoChiro® neutralizes unhealthy vibrational frequencies of an individual’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical charges, balancing their conscious mind with their subconscious mind to allow freedom from outdated perceptions, blocks and personal beliefs that cause personal turmoil and pain.
  • IS a reproducible science based on understood and accepted aspects of healing.
  • Is NOT a medical, pharmacological or psychiatric intervention that needs drugs or medication
  • Is NOT a 12 step program
  • Is NOT a religion or cult group

Imagine unlocking your full potential to heal, boost performance, look and feel younger, think positively and possess total confidence.

  • Learn how to retrieve your personal power from physical pain, toxic relationships, breakups, past traumas, paralyzing fear, low self-esteem, anger, depression, anxiety or resentment.
  • Dr. Kousouli will teach you the fastest way to authentically love your life with abundance, prosperity and happiness despite any events going on around you – or to you!
  • Learn how you can magnetically attract amazing people into your life just like Hollywood’s elites, successful CEO’S and business entrepreneurs do using the Kousouli Method!
  • Learn how to avoid the #1 mistake when seeing any doctor, saving you tons of time and money!


Introduction Class to the Kousouli® Method, Meditation & Intuition Building * Beginners Class *

REGISTER AND SIGN UP FOR THE INTRODUCTORY CLASS HERE> http://www.meetup.com/KousouliSeminars/

    • Basic chakra anatomy & identification
    • Feeling energy basics
    • Pre- meditation warmup
    • Basics of seeing auras
    • Guided meditation 30-60 min.
    • Short talk on psychic awareness

Kousouli® Method – Weekend (2-Day) Intuition Development Seminar
Reading, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing & Remote Viewing Weekend – Beginner’s and Advanced Modules


Kousouli® Method – Week (5-day) Seminar Certification  Course – Beginner’s and Advanced Modules


Dr. Kousouli believes in the human potential and the power held within because he himself has harnessed it and teaches others to do the same daily in his private practice. This power can be released often and for the use of good for both self and others. He is dedicated to teaching and healing each and every person he encounters.

*Workshops are for all interested in moving their life forward and attaining specific knowledge. You do not have to already be a practicing doctor/healer to attend. The Kousouli®Method is protected by strict copyright and trademark jurisdiction. Authorized training and certification for The Kousouli®Method, is only taught and given by Dr. Theo Kousouli. The Kousouli®Method is for personal use only and is not to be used for commercial purposes.