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Imagine being a better YOU, right NOW.

Dr. Theo Kousouli helps you unlock the magnificence inside by teaching you the most important thing you never learned in school – how to achieve your own greatness through understanding your neurology. Rediscover your enthusiasm for living, develop a strong sense of direction and overcome the most burdensome challenges.  Two information packed – eye opening days of fun and community as you embark on a journey of awakening. Dr. Kousouli imparts a depth of knowledge about hu behavior, the world, dimensional systems and how you operate within them.

You will learn:

The secret on how Dr. Kousouli healed himself in record time post op from open heart surgery and semi paralysis; and how you can heal quickly also!
How to manage your emotions and resolve negative feelings that are holding you back from the next level of excitement and wonder in your life.
How to apply the Kousouli Method® of living to bring harmony to your body and help you track your progress daily.

How to turn any negative parasitic relationship into a positive one that is mutually beneficial.
How to objectively look at your finances, your love life, your career, and your life in general to change it toward the life you want to experience.
How ancient civilizations healed; why current western health care is what it is today, and how to change it.
How passive hypnosis is all around you; effecting you subliminally and how to reverse the power to get your life back on track.

How to open the third eye and use the seven major chakras effectively both as a patient and as a healer.
How to meditate effectively and manifest things with certainty.

ALL this and much much more…

* This workshop is for all interested in moving their life forward and attaining specific knowledge.  You do not have to already be a practicing doctor/healer to attend.

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